Dark Souls

The Dark Souls of - Ep. 134

The Dark Souls of Paintings.jpg

A fun occasion this week has occurred, as Shea returned from across the pond to record the newest episode of the Chompcast in Morgan’s lair! We slam into this week with a blow of our hammer as we discuss Souls-esque games, or action role-playing games. We continue the talk as we delve into our initial impressions on Sekiro. Fish, Josh, and Morgan talk about Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze, as Morgan’s pestering of Fish to play it has paid off. Last, we discuss the weekly poll results and the community comments on the topic.

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Intros - 0:27

Souls Games - 13:45

Community Comments - 33:25

Sassy D Merch ad - 1:15:52

Weekly Polls - 1:22:09

Recorded March 22, 2019