The Dark Souls of - Ep. 134

The Dark Souls of Paintings.jpg

A fun occasion this week has occurred, as Shea returned from across the pond to record the newest episode of the Chompcast in Morgan’s lair! We slam into this week with a blow of our hammer as we discuss Souls-esque games, or action role-playing games. We continue the talk as we delve into our initial impressions on Sekiro. Fish, Josh, and Morgan talk about Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze, as Morgan’s pestering of Fish to play it has paid off. Last, we discuss the weekly poll results and the community comments on the topic.

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Intros - 0:27

Souls Games - 13:45

Community Comments - 33:25

Sassy D Merch ad - 1:15:52

Weekly Polls - 1:22:09

Recorded March 22, 2019

Turn it Around - Ep. 103


You exit the metallic vault, taking your hand off of the iron and steel. You survey the landscape, viewing it for the first time. Trees are brown and dead. There is no plant life visible in the distance. Houses and cars are dilapidated and run-down. There are no birds chirping, no animals visible, no nature at all. Gunshots occasionally ring out in the distance. You left the vault for this? Hell no. You go back into the vault and live there for another six months.
Finally, the food runs out. You have no choice but to leave the vault for good. You grab your pistol that you procured and proceed out of the doorway again. You see the same scene as you did before, but this time, it seems as if there is plenty of opportunity out in the wasteland. Sure, everything looks dead, but there may be actual people out here! You spot a settlement in the distance, and you start to head towards it.
This week on the Chompcast, we decided to discuss video games that we initially disliked but ended up loving them. We pair that with the polls from the social media. After that, Morgan, Josh, and our guest host Hakuna Matata discuss the new update for No Man’s Sky. Lock your VATS system onto this episode and press the trigger!

Recorded August 3, 2018