Chewy or Crispy - Ep. 138

Why Not Both.png

You put on your bath robe after exiting your shower, having cleansed your body. You are settling into a nice evening, relaxing on your plush sofa with a nice glass of Riesling. Your jazz record is playing in the background, settling you into a quiet evening of solitude. You are looking around at your house, appreciating the atmosphere within the comforts of your home.

A loud crash emanates from outside of your house. You groan and pull yourself up off of your sofa to move to the window. A few ninjas are crawling over your fence, eyeing your house in an attempt to locate a point of entry. You sigh and set down your glass of wine. You grab a katana off of your wall and unsheathe it slowly, staring at the gleaming metal as it is released. You loosely shake it up and down, feeling the weight of the weapon in your hand. You swiftly move over to the light switch and turn the lights off, blending into the darkness. You pick your hiding spot and you wait as they begin to enter your home, looking for their contract to kill.

Hello, Chompers! This week, we have a fantastic show for you as we discussed the new PS5 announcement. We paired that with discussion of PS VR, Bethesda, Hollow Knight, golf games, Smash’s new Joker addition, Katana Zero, and more! We also included our social media comments and our poll results. Come check it out and enjoy the gaming talk.


Intros with first Playstation memories - 0:27

Playstation 5 - 13:03

PSVR Future - 25:05

Listener Comments - 44:56

Weekly Polls - 1:22:47

Katana Zero - 1:44:43

Recorded April 19, 2019