Mass Effect

Scroteez - Ep. 156


The windows are and doors are boarded up. Furniture is shoved against them. 4 huddle in the center of the room, shaking as they clutch their weapons. Sweat beads from their brows as the air is thick with their frightened breath. They can hear the clawing and scratching at the walls. The groans and snarls seep their way through the boards and into the ears of the 4. Boards splinter and crack as the horde attempt to pry their way in to devour the meat bags.

One breaks through and charges at the four. Fish blasts it away with a shotgun. The rotting flesh flies back and sprays multiple members of the horde break into the room. Gunshots and blades tear into the horde. The four are overwhelmed quickly and it seems as if they will be eaten. A deafening barrage of bullets blast into the horde repeatedly, mowing them down with ease. The horde outside is quickly disposed of while the four barely escape death.

They remove the furniture and boards and exit the front door, looking to meet their savior. They see a man with side burns and a camo hat sat atop an artillery gun attached to a tank.

“Call me Sickboy.”

This week on the Chompcast, we have our good friend Paul over at S1ckboy Lounge joined us and brought the topic of indie games for us to discuss. We discussed our weekly polls and listener comments. We also managed to talk about some games, such as Days Gone and Apex Legends.

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Intros - 0:27

Indie Games - 15:45

Listener Comments - 30:33

Default Shepard - 48:04

Ass-hats and microtransactions - 1:03:54

Poster Burner ad - 1:45:33

Weekly round-up - 1:48:40

Days Gone - 1:54:58

DARQ - 2:05:00

Listener Emails - 2:24:55

Recorded August 23, 2019

The Moral Choice - Ep. 111


TGS! Spiderman! Playstation Classic! Moral choices! All that and more are featured in this week’s episode of the Chompcast. We discuss some of the most difficult moral choices that we have made in gaming to date. With the return of Shea, we finish the Playstation Classic conversation as we eagerly await subsequent announcements of what games will be on the system. We manage to fit in some last-minute Spiderman conversation. We catch up with Shea, as he spent last week at Tokyo Game Show. We end the show with the Patreon shout-outs to our lovely subscribers. Thank you to you, the listener, and chomp on!

Intro: 0:27

PS1 Classic discussion: 11:01

Moral Choices in Gaming: 31:56

Social Media: 1:03:18

Spiderman: 1:23:15

Patreon Shout-outs: 1:56:56

Tokyo Game Show discussion: 2:04:03

Recorded September 28, 2018