A Bright Future - Ep. 119


Pull up a chair, and grab yourself a Nuka Cola. This week we discuss what Bethesda needs to do to get us excited about Fallout 5 after 76, Josh and Morgan talk about Celeste and The Messenger, and we thank our supporters with a fishing trip. Enjoy the show, and don't let the radroaches bite.


Intro - 0:27

Fallout Discussion - 13:51

Listener Comments - 39:20

Assassin's Creed Odyssey - 1:06:50

The Messenger - 1:11:10

Celeste - 1:15:35

Patreon shout-out - 1:30:37

In Patreon sketch: "Splash, Jumping, G.wav" by InspectorJ (www.jshaw.co.uk) of Freesound.org

Recorded November 30, 2018

I Can't Get No Satisfaction - Ep. 118


Listen to this show of us arguing about realistic mechanics in video games, or we will be sad. Really sad. So sad that we may take a week off and spend time with our families for Thanksgiving (spoiler alert, that’s what we’re gonna do).

Intros – 0:27

Show Topic – 11:38

Social Media comments – 1:25:18

Polls - 1:42:18

Recorded November 17, 2018

What Makes a Good Snake Oil - Ep. 117

snake oil.jpg

A magician stands on stage, staring at the crowd as they uproariously applause at his entrance, filled with fireballs and explosions. He revels in the audible praise, feeding his ego to near-unsustainable levels. He raises his hands to quell the cheering. The applause and shouting slowly dies down, as the audience becomes more eager to see what the magician will do. Silence overtakes the hall as the magician proudly stares at his fans.

“You want to be amazed? Well, you’ve come to the right place.”

“We love you!!!” a fanatical fan shouts, eliciting more wild cheers and thunderous clapping. The magician quiets the audience once more.

“First, I will show you the most influential games of my time, driving me to become what I am today.”

The audience looks perplexed, but remains impassioned and hopeful for the best show of their lives.

“I will also discuss games, such as Red Dead Redemption 2, Destiny, Monster Hunter World, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, Witcher 3, Spiderman, Batman: Arkham Knight, and Diablo Infinite.”

At that moment, another man walks on the stage, and some people clap, as they are confused by what is unfurling before their eyes. There is something familiar about this man, but they cannot pinpoint it.

“Last, my usual assistant is gone for the week. He is a drunkard, so he is nursing his health in an ice bath. In his place is one of the most respected magicians on the other side of the country. Give it up for Cosmic Poptart!”

Recorded November 10, 2018

Phenomenon - Ep. 116


Well howdy, partner. I see you done just swung them doors open and demanded servicin’. Well, servicin’ you shall get if you got the coin. This week, we are offerin’ a helpful serving of Red Dead 2 discussion, so I hope your pockets are ready to receive. Oh, and while we’re at it, we have our thoughts on those open world games and what is settin’ the bar nowadays. Good ol’ Fish manages to play Into the Breach, and we reckon it’s just about time. Last, we start hootin’ and hollerin’ about the PS Classic and the complete list of games. You don’t have the coin? Then git the hell out of here!

Recorded November 2, 2018

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Games - Ep. 115


On this week’s episode of the Chompcast, we discussed games that are “bad” but we would recommend to a friend to play anyways. As always, we ran down the list of listener polls from the social media. Next, we discussed our opinion on the VR sleeper hit, Astroboy. We delved into our initial thoughts on Red Dead Redemption 2, with plenty to come in the following week. Josh and Shea ran through their time with Cross Code, an indie jRPG. Finally, we delivered another Patreon shout-out skit for our wonderful Patrons.

Intro - 0:27

Topic - 19:09

Social Media Polls - 55:19

Red Dead Redemption 2 - 1:11:53

Astrobot Rescue Mission - 1:53:55

CrossCode - 1:58:58

Patreon Shout-outs - 2:11:49

Tumbleweed sound:

made by Duckduckphony

CC Attribution 3.0


Neighing Horse sound:

made by Soundslikewillem

CC Attribution NonCommercial 3.0


Recorded October 26, 2018

Al(le)gory - Ep. 114

Chompcast 114.png

We have a special episode for you this week, as Morgan is joined by none other than Fish and Josh in his podcasting lair IN THE FLESH. That’s right. Fish and Josh are in Montana this week for Morgan’s wedding, and we were able to fit in another episode of the Chompcast. We discuss balancing relationships and marriage with gaming. Is there a catch-all solution, or is it case by case? We bolster the topic with comments from you lovely people. We also reveal the results of the weekly polls. We cap off this wonderful episode with discussion of Astroboy, My Memory of Us, and briefly mention CrossCode. Hop on in for this wedding extravaganza of an episode!


Intro – 0:27

Relationships/Marriage and Video Gaming – 17:37

Listener Comments – 33:08

Astrobot – 01:03:20

Polls – 01:14:30

My Memory of Us – 01:21:56

CrossCode – 01:42:00

Outro – 01:42:28

Wah Hoo - Ep. 113

wah hoo.png

What the hell, Fish? You decided to leave us alone this week while we recorded the podcast? How could you do this to us? We talked about real-life scenarios in video games and if they are more affecting, but you weren’t even there to weigh in on that. It really hurts, man. On top of that, we had our wonderful Chompers weighed in with some tasteful and interesting perspectives, but you weren’t there to hear them. The polls were fun as always, but you were off gallivanting around, traipsing off to Montana to go to some wedding or something. Well… I hope that you’re at least here next week. We missed you. No one can fill your shoes.

Recorded October 12, 2018

How Are You Holding Up - Ep. 112


This week we discuss what causes some old games to hold up and others to feel like last year’s sack of crap. Join us to hear Morgan be wrong, Fish make metaphors out of the unmetaphorable, Josh be an asshole, and Shea wander off to swipe right.

Show times:

Intros - 0:27

How Games Hold Up - 14:39

Listener Comments - 48:35

Weekly Polls - 1:22:53

Recorded October 5, 2018

The Moral Choice - Ep. 111


TGS! Spiderman! Playstation Classic! Moral choices! All that and more are featured in this week’s episode of the Chompcast. We discuss some of the most difficult moral choices that we have made in gaming to date. With the return of Shea, we finish the Playstation Classic conversation as we eagerly await subsequent announcements of what games will be on the system. We manage to fit in some last-minute Spiderman conversation. We catch up with Shea, as he spent last week at Tokyo Game Show. We end the show with the Patreon shout-outs to our lovely subscribers. Thank you to you, the listener, and chomp on!

Intro: 0:27

PS1 Classic discussion: 11:01

Moral Choices in Gaming: 31:56

Social Media: 1:03:18

Spiderman: 1:23:15

Patreon Shout-outs: 1:56:56

Tokyo Game Show discussion: 2:04:03

Recorded September 28, 2018

Waves of Ack - Ep. 109


Emotions can be complex or simplistic. Sometimes they are labeled as good and bad. There are ones that we can spend a lifetime chasing, forever seeking another blissful moment with it. There are others that we attempt to shove deep with inside of ourselves, desiring to never spend another second with them. One thing is for certain: emotions can be difficult. It can be hard to figure out why we feel emotions or why they compel us to do various activities. One particular couch comes to mind (Fish).

One emotion that we wanted to focus our sights on this week for the show topic was melancholy. More specifically, we wanted to focus on gaming memories that made us feel melancholy. We posed the question to the community and followed it up with some polls. Morgan and Josh discuss their time with Spiderman PS4. We also ran a poll gauntlet for the best Spiderman villain. Please do enjoy yourself as you listen. Ack ack ack!

Old Faithful Switches Things Up - Ep. 108


There comes a time in life when change happens. It is inevitable, as the universe continues to expand and increase in entropy. Some people attempt to avoid it at all costs. Other embrace change and dive headfirst, looking for new opportunities. What’s for certain is that it cannot be stopped; change happens.

The turn of the seasons, aging, sublimation. Change is constantly occurring. What about change makes some people resistant and others ecstatic? Is it the thought of a new start is both comforting and frightening? Is a change to the norm really that terrible? Are the opportunities offered by change that enticing and valuable? Are we sounding pretentious enough by asking these pseudo-existential questions?

Change is the name of the game of this week for the Chompcast, as we discuss changes in video game franchises, having been prompted by the recent announcement of boss battles being introduced in the Assassin’s Creed franchise. We change the format up a bit this week as we decide to have a friendly 2-on-2 debate about whether change is good or bad for video game franchises. Next, we reach into our proverbial media bag and yank out some responses to the week’s question, along with results from the polls. Morgan and Shea briefly discuss their time with No Man’s Sky. Last, we had the pleasure to get early access and work on the entertaining Flamberge, a not-yet-completed game from developer HYDEZEKE.

We want to give a special shout-out to Michael Savage-Benoist to giving us early access to Flamberge. Be on the lookout for this game as HYDEZEKE continue to work on it and get it out as soon as possible!

Show Sections and Times

Intro - 0:27

Show Topic: Change in Video Game Franchises - 21:10

Community Comments - 1:25:10

Morgan and Shea talk NMS – 1:43:40

Flamberge - 1:50:40

Recorded September 7, 2018

Narwhal Logistics - Ep. 107


Do you long for the simpler times, a simpler taste, simpler packaging, and simpler "food" preparation? Take a leisurely stroll from your freezer to the microwave, and bask in its glow while General Mountain Time's Fish Flavored "All" "Fish" Fish Sticks take a leisurely stroll round and round inside. In just one, short minute your leisurely stroll will end in flavor town.

General Mountain Time's Fish Flavored, "All" "Fish" Fish Sticks
Now with 19% more "Fish"

Throwing a big party for the big game, a small party for the small game, or a solo party for that big promotion you got by neglecting everyone who used to love you? Need the guests to say "wow" without the wallet saying "ow?" Bring home a sack of the only snack that fits that bill. 

General Mountain Time's Fish Flavored, "All" "Fish" Fish Sticks
"Fish" tested, Fish "approved"

This week we talk about locations in games, the Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay trailer, and Disenchantment. Enjoy the show.

Recorded August 31, 2018

Where in the World is Anthony Fisher? - Ep. 106


Steam pours through the open entrance arch of a bustling train station. The thick miasma concealing anyone who wishes from the notice of prying eyes.

Morgan steps onto the platform, and scans the faces of passengers boarding the midnight train. Craning his neck above the crowd, he makes eye contact with Josh who is leaning against a wall watching the exit. Josh touches the brim of his hat in return, and he goes back to pretending to read his paper.

A short man with a brushy moustache puts on his shabby bowler as he hurries out of the station to catch a cab.
"Not him," Josh thinks.
A well dressed business man barrels through a family, knocking a small girl sprawling over her rolling suitcase, and steps directly into the cab hailed by the moustached man.
"Not him."

A blue haired old lady grasps the handrail with both hands, and shakily steps onto the train.
Morgan leers, trying to see her face more clearly. "Just an old bat; not him."
The whistle blows, and the last passenger runs to board. Morgan grabs him by the arm and spins him around to see his face.
"Not him."
"You dropped your ticket" Morgan says, and hands him the ticket he had just lifted from the man.
"Thank you, sir" he says, and rushes through the closing train doors.

The few remaining stragglers shuffle off to their respective destinations. Josh neatly folds his paper, and walks to the canteen as the smoke and steam (no longer being stirred by determined feet) begin to fall back to rest on the station floor.
"Barkeep. Scotch." Josh sighs as he hoists his carcase onto a barstool.
"Rocks?" the barkeep asks, and Josh glares back disappointedly.
"Will I need them?"
The barkeep chips a large, basically clear, chunk of ice off a large block, and puts it in the glass. He pours a malnourished finger of whisky into the glass, and slides it across the counter.
"Thanks... Rich." Josh says, looking at his name tag.

After taking a piss, Morgan joins Josh at the bar swirling his glass in attempt to water it down further. Morgan raises a finger at the barman and says "whatever's cheap."

"I can't believe we missed him, Josh." Morgan says, checking his fly, "He's one slippery... uh-"
"What? Uh, yeah."
"How do we miss a bastard in a red trenchcoat?"
"I don't know, but I do know he didn't get on a train. He must have got through your way."
"Sure he did, Morgan. He sure couldn't have snuck past under your perceptive gaze."

Rich brings a clean but scratched and worn glass full of what smells like cleaner, and he sets it in front of Morgan. Morgan takes a large swig, and exhales in a growl to recover from the taste.

"Looking for a Filipino in a red trenchcoat, huh?" Rich asks, wiping down the bar.
Josh, his chin resting on the counter, looks at him through his drink and raises an eyebrow.
"I don't recall saying he was Filipino."
"That's right, mister," Morgan says. "What do you know about it?"
"He got a big hat, a small beard, and black glasses?" Rich continues.
"You seem awfully well informed, Richard." Josh says as he sits up straight and eyes the man.
"I see what I see."
"I see," says Josh. He pushes a larger bill than his glass of swill deserves into Rich's palm.
"I saw the guy come through here earlier. He kept looking over his shoulder... you should too."
"What's that?" Morgan says putting his hand on his hip, letting his coat fall open enough for Rich to see his gun holstered inside.
"Naw, naw, naw... Turn around, genius." Rich says, nodding back towards the station.
Josh swivels around on his stool.

There, through the plate glass window, lies Fish, asleep on a wrought iron bench that was covered by the thick smog until now.

This week on the Chompcast we discuss the sequels we wish beyond hope to see. Enjoy.

Recorded August 24, 2018

Moneypenny - Ep. 105


Money, money, money. Money was the topic of the Chompcast this week as we discuss effective ways to game on a budget. We squeeze in some gaming talk with Dead Cells and Fallout 4. We discuss our social media polls, alluding to a stream of No Man’s Sky this past weekend. Come join us as we help you be frugal in your gaming exploits.

Recorded August 17, 2018

Deadly Celery - Ep. 104

dead cells.jpg

While Shea is out trying to have the summer camp experience all the movies told him about, the rest of the Sword Chomp crew debate early access. We have been playing a recent notable example, Dead Cells. Our initial impressions, spirited debate about early access, and enough No Man's Sky love to fill a ten hour show are headed straight to your eardrums with intent to kill. Enjoy the show.

Recorded August 10, 2018

Turn it Around - Ep. 103


You exit the metallic vault, taking your hand off of the iron and steel. You survey the landscape, viewing it for the first time. Trees are brown and dead. There is no plant life visible in the distance. Houses and cars are dilapidated and run-down. There are no birds chirping, no animals visible, no nature at all. Gunshots occasionally ring out in the distance. You left the vault for this? Hell no. You go back into the vault and live there for another six months.
Finally, the food runs out. You have no choice but to leave the vault for good. You grab your pistol that you procured and proceed out of the doorway again. You see the same scene as you did before, but this time, it seems as if there is plenty of opportunity out in the wasteland. Sure, everything looks dead, but there may be actual people out here! You spot a settlement in the distance, and you start to head towards it.
This week on the Chompcast, we decided to discuss video games that we initially disliked but ended up loving them. We pair that with the polls from the social media. After that, Morgan, Josh, and our guest host Hakuna Matata discuss the new update for No Man’s Sky. Lock your VATS system onto this episode and press the trigger!

Recorded August 3, 2018

Panned - Ep. 102

the critic.jpg

Space and time. Reality and fiction. The universe and an electron. 14 quintillion and one. Some of these concepts are difficult to imagine or grasp. They aren’t tangible. They are abstract. But there is one of any concepts that humans have inherently grasped within civilization. One of these concepts is “a promise.” There is a weight of responsibility that is associated with that word. The promise of Sean Murray’s baby in No Man’s Sky did not deliver. However, almost two years later, Sean and his team have worked to rectify that mistake. That is part of our discussion for the newest episode of the Chompcast. We also discuss games that we loved but critics hated. Last, Josh runs through the gauntlet of games he has been playing as of late.

Recorded July 27, 2018

Naboo Owie Mitzie - Ep. 101

Nobuo Uematsu.jpg

Fiction blends into reality. The topic of this week’s show reveals how video games have impacted us in our everyday lives. Sector 7 joins us for this week, doing her guestly duties. We discuss this week’s polls from the social media, the No Man’s Sky update, and initial thoughts on Octopath Traveler.

Recorded July 20, 2018